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Construction is rudimentary but integral part of any projects success. Iacobellis & Associates construction staking includes all office related support services to create the office-to-field integration necessary for efficient, cost effective construction staking. Our staff will work with your contractor to establish necessary offset staking, to accommodate the contractor’s construction methods as well as construction timelines. Utilizing the latest state of the art software and hardware, Iacobellis & Associates provides efficient, cost effective services that are accurate, precise and most importantly relay the construction information necessary to your contractor. Our construction staking crews are manned by experienced party chiefs dispatched from our office.

Iacobellis & Associates detailed and scientific approach to staking minimizes the potential for costly construction staking blunders, delays to the overall construction schedule that results in cost effective projects. Construction surveying can take many forms. It is used to establish the location and alignment of highway, roads, curbs, sidewalks, buildings, pipes footings, foundations piers, cassions & soldier piles.

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